The MN Magic works hard to help our student athletes continue to compete at a high level when they leave high school. We have seen a high level of success placing players in the midwest at the D1/D2/D3/JUCO levels!

Olivia HuffmanD1Ball State UniversityIndianaMid-American
Grace BennettD3/D1University of St. ThomasMinnesotaMIAC/Summit League
Avery WukawitzD1University of St. ThomasMinnesotaSummit League
Kameron MonsonD1University of St. ThomasMinnesotaSummit League
Jessa SnippesD1University of MinnesotaMinnesotaBig Ten
Carly PickettD2Augustana UniversitySouth DakotaNSIC
Christina PickettD2Augustana UniversitySouth DakotaNSIC
Maggie KadrlikD2Augustana UniversitySouth DakotaNSIC
Ashley Mickshl D2Augustana UniversitySouth DakotaNSIC
Amanda Dickmeyer D2Augustana UniversitySouth DakotaNSIC
Torri Chute D2Augustana UniversitySouth DakotaNSIC
Aryka Knoche D1/D2Drake University, IA / Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaMVC/NSIC
Carlie Hart D2
Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaNSIC
Lily Langevin D2Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaNSIC
Hannah Mortentson D2Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaNSIC
Meagan BlieseD2Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaNSIC
Cameron Veenbaas D2Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaNSIC
Grace BesemanD2Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaNSIC
Bryanna OlsonD2Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaNSIC
Afton ZemkeD2Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaNSIC
Ani BellD2Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaNSIC
Avery (AJ) JohnsonD2Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaNSIC
Riley RosenthalD2Concordia University, St. PaulMinnesotaNSIC
Anna RothD2St. Cloud State UniversityMinnesotaNSIC
Megan TerraraD2St. Cloud State UniversityMinnesotaNSIC
Alexis JacobsD2St. Cloud State UniversityMinnesotaNSIC
Shannon LeahyD2Winona State UniversityMinnesotaNSIC
Morgan SmetanaD2Winona State UniversityMinnesotaNSIC
Valerie Hohol D2University of MN DuluthMinnesotaNSIC
Kendal Jenkins D2University of MN DuluthMinnesotaNSIC
Morgyn OtteD2Southwest Minnesota State UniversityMinnesotaNSIC
Calley OlsonD2Minot State UniversityMinnesotaNSIC
Emilie AntonyD3College of St. BenedictMinnesotaMIAC
Ally HjortD3College of St. BenedictMinnesotaMIAC
Kennedy KehrD3College of St. BenedictMinnesotaMIAC
Bryn RuhbergD3College of St. BenedictMinnesotaMIAC
Cat SmetanaD3College of St. BenedictMinnesotaMIAC
Megan RubbelkeD3Hamline UniversityMinnesotaMIAC
Anna O’Connor D3Hamline UniversityMinnesotaMIAC
Lauren SotnykD3Hamline UniversityMinnesotaMIAC
Jenna RubbelkeD3Hamline UniversityMinnesotaMIAC
Gracie BondD3Hamline UniversityMinnesotaMIAC
Maddie JohnsonD3Hamline UniversityMinnesotaMIAC
Elena MartinezD3Hamline UniversityMinnesotaMIAC
Kayla SimacekD3Bethel UniversityMinnesotaMIAC
Autumn Earney D3Bethel UniversityMinnesotaMIAC
Caitlin OlaffsonD3Gustavus Adolphus CollegeMinnesotaMIAC
Lauren LambertD3Gustavus Adolphus CollegeMinnesotaMIAC
Hailey Neubauer D3The College of St. ScholasticaMinnesotaMIAC
Autumn MortensonD3St. Catherine University MinnesotaMIAC
Maya Patty D3St. Olaf CollegeMinnesotaMIAC
Gabriella CastroD3Concordia College - MooreheadMinnesotaMIAC
Mikayla HansenD3River Falls UniversityWisconsinWIAC
Lexy KupczakD3University of Wisconsin-StoutWisconsinWIAC
Chloe Kimmes D3University of Northwestern - St. PaulMinnesotaUMAC
Mary LandherrD3University of Minnesota-MorrisMinnesotaUMAC
Lexi Bettermann JUCOFlorida Southwestern State CollegeFloridaSCC
Angie McBeainJUCOKirkwood Community CollegeIowaICCAC