2020 MN Magic Return to Play Guidelines


The safety of our players, coaches and families is our top priority. Everything we do is with the intention to provide our players and families the safest environment and experience that we can. In order to do that we will need to partner with you to take these precautions seriously and abide by them. Information changes extremely fast as it relates to COVID-19 data and suggested precautions so we will need to be agile and flexible. The hope is that the below guidelines will be loosened as we move further into the season but until then we will follow these guidelines:

As our athletes get back on the field, we will be taking extra precautions as follows:

  • We can not have groups larger than 10 in any given location on the field. This number includes our coaches.
    • Parents, guardians, etc. are not allowed to be at practice, including on the bleachers, in the outfield. Please drop them off and return at the end of practice and/or stay in your car.
  • When players arrive for practice, they will use both the away and home field side benches/dugouts to place their bags.
    • All bags and personal equipment must remain 6 feet apart from the inner gates and each other’s space.
  • We will practice social distancing of 6 feet when on the field.
    • This includes players waiting in line for drills, their turn to hit, and huddles.
    • We will work to have no more than 2 people using a bow net at any one time (One player may feed the ball, step back and away, and then the hitter can step in and hit).
    • In the event that a huddle is needed, situations are practiced or we are using live hitters and catchers, masks are encouraged but not required by all players and coaches. Per USSSA guidelines we will allow players and coaches to wear PPE if they choose.
  • Players will bring and use/wear their own equipment.
  • Players will bring and drink only from their own water bottle.
  • Players will not share bats.
    • If a player needs to pick up and move another player’s bat, they will do use by grabbing the end of bat or gently letting the bat roll out of the way.
  • Players and coaches will refrain from bringing and using chewing gum and sunflower seeds etc. to practice to avoid the excess transmission of spit particles.
  • We ask that our players and coaches avoid hugging, giving high fives, fist bumping etc.
  • Players, staff, and coaches are asked to take their own temperature before leaving the house and they should stay at home with any reading of 100.4 Fahrenheit or higher according to CDC definitions of reportable illnesses for contagious disease. 
    • Our players and coaches will attest to the fact that they have no fever and are free from rashes, shortness of breath, cough, muscles aches, generalized tiredness and diarrhea, sore throat, loss of taste and smell and headache as per CDC guidelines.
    • We will have two no-touch thermometers for each team to utilize at the field as well. This is an added precaution we will utilize.
  • If players are struggling to follow such guidelines, they will be removed from practice.

Our coaches will also be taking additional measures to keep their players safe.

  • Each player will be receiving an individual hand sanitizer bottle to keep with them at all times. Coaches/Team Manager can refill as needed.
  • Between each new drill players and coaches will utilize hand sanitizer.
  • Our coaches will also be equipped with wipes or sprays to disinfect team equipment as needed between drills and before and after practice.
    • If players need to have their personal equipment cleaned, that will be the responsibility of the player and/or their family. If they need assistance to during the practice, they may certainly ask their coach.
  • Our coaches will disinfect benches and high touch surfaces (i.e. gates) prior to and after practice sessions with their group.


  • We will follow all written and verbal guidelines communicated for each event that we participate in.
  • We will continue to follow our social distancing, sanitizing, and mask wearing guidelines.
  • Off Site Activities: team activity events such as swimming, team meals, bowling, watching professional teams, etc. we will adhere to social distancing where these activities are allowed.
    • As we move into the early portion of returning to play we will NOT participate in:
      • Attending large venue events with crowds
      • Bowling
      • Movies
      • Hotel swimming pools as these are generally very small and open to all hotel patrons which we cannot adequately monitor or control.
      • Other activities are at the coaches/MN Magic discretion.
    • Hotel provided breakfast – unless there is adequate space to properly practice social distancing outside your immediate family we will take our breakfast back to our rooms.
    • Dinner options:
      • Team dinners should only be held in area restaurants that are equipped to practice social distancing.
      • If there is a hotel meeting room large enough for the team to use safely we will do that.
      • Small groups or individual meals in our rooms.

This is a working document and we will continue to modify it to ensure we are working with a safety first mentality for our players, coaches, staff, and spectators.