Minnesota Magic Code of Conduct – Players

The Minnesota Magic is a premier softball club serving elite female athletes in the Twin Cities East Metro Area. Our mission is to teach fastpitch softball excellence to girls who are dedicated to skill improvement and success. We strive to help you become young women who exhibit empathy and respect for others, who lead with integrity, who are responsible and who will make a difference for the overall good in our world.

As an organization, we are focused on academics, athletics and attitude. Magic players are passionate about teamwork, sportsmanship, community service and fun.

Being part of the Minnesota Magic organization is an honor, not a right. Our expectations of you as a Minnesota Magic player are as follows:

  • Commit to softball for the full season; this is a club-level ball team and the commitment is to be at ALL practices and games throughout the season. 

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship.
  • Respect the game, coaches, the opponents, the umpires, parents, and spectators.
  • Respect your teammates, on and off the field.
  • Always show up on time for practices, games and team events. Contact your coach if you are unable to attend or if you are going to be late.
  • Work hard, for yourself and for your team, by giving your best effort in practices and games.
  • Be coachable. Listen, ask questions, and be willing to try new techniques.
  • Accept your role on the team. If you don’t like where you’re playing, work harder to change it.
  • Never fault a teammate when a mistake occurs; be encouraging.
  • Use positive language (body and verbal), to cheer on and support my teammates.
  • Never argue with an umpire’s decision, this includes verbally or with negative body language.
  • Follow the direction of the coaching staff and support each coach’s decision.
  • Settle disagreements with coaches and other players in a confidential and private manner, 24 hours after games and practices. Discussions must take place away from other players and parents. (See parent/guardian conduct form for more information.)
  • Players will not create social media accounts or post content that could be seen as negative toward your team, teammates, coaches, umpires or the Magic organization.
  • Lead with integrity by being a good example for your teammates and for younger players.

Violations of any of the above policies are subject to disciplinary action up to suspension or expulsion from the team.